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The Gun Fighter

November 8, 2021
By Tugee BRONZE, Sacramento, California
Tugee BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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Have you ever heard someone describe you and your secrets to the world? No, then the Gun fighter is for you because of the hilarious plot that will leave your mouth wide open, Laughing out your lungs. The comedic mind of Eric Kissack will leave you laughing so much because of the funny dialogue and the hilarious situations. I find the plot very funny because of how the narrator knows everything about the people in the saloon, whether it would be their darkest secret or whether it would be facts about the person. 

I thought the short film The Gun Fighter was a good short film because there were parts where I laughed and thought they were very clever. For example the first scene is where the bandit walks in the saloon, then the narrator (Nick Offerman) speaks and the Gunfighter (Shawn Parsons) asks the narrator who's speaking. Then from there the Narrator describes what the Gunfighter is thinking of and it is absolutely hilarious, because of how the narrator is affecting the way the civilians think. 

I honestly think that the Gunfighter is a great comedy short film because of the funny dialogue and characters. I would rate The Gunfighter a solid 8.5/10, the reason why I put it as an 8.5 is because I think it would be better as a movie and how the narrator affects different types of situations. 

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