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A Walk to Remember

October 26, 2007
By Anonymous

This is a movie based on the novel A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks. It starts off with two high school teens who grew up together but never talked because they were into different stuff. Jamie (Mandy Moore) is a goody to shoes; she goes to church and is top of her class. Landon (Shane West) is one of those high schoolers who like to get in trouble and don’t care about school or how the perceive themselves. When a prank goes horribly wrong and ends up with a kid in the hospital, Landon is assigned to community service. Where he got a role in a play, he was so bad that he had to get help…..from Jamie. Jamie willingly helps Landon get a hold of his lines and acting. Landon, not hoping to or realizing he is, falls in love with Jamie. Jamie ends up falling in love with Landon, but she has a secret. Should she tell him or not?

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