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I Am Legend

January 31, 2008
By Anonymous

The movie “I Am Legend” has both high points and low points. This movie is about how they find a cure for cancer, or at least they thought they did. This causes a large percent of the world’s population to turn into mutant creatures. Robert Neville was almost too late, but in the end suffered from the outcome, but made a great discovery at the same time. I want to start out saying Will Smith who plays Robert Neville, is a terrific actor. I think Will Smith makes this movie. If they didn’t have him playing the lead role, I don’t think it would have done as good as it did. Also another character I believe made this movie was the dog, whose name was Samantha. They found her at a humane society which I thought was really cool. I think this movie showed a great aspect to relationships. I think the relationship that Robert and Samantha shared made viewers fall in love with this movie. The part that I don’t like in this movie is the part where Robert holds Samantha in his arms and she turns into the creature then dies, I hate it, it made me want to start crying. One of the high points to this movie is the CGI affects. Also like I said earlier Wills acting was absolutely spectacular, particularly when he has to shoot Fred, great acting! I’d say it’s a movie you got to check out!

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