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March 11, 2008
By Anonymous

"Don't let anyone define your limits because of who you're & where you come from". This theme was expressed greatly in Ratatouille, coming in many shapes & sizes, such as Remy & Linguini. Remy's road to becoming a chef was littered with scorn, ridicule, and disgust, but he overcame the treacherous odds & rising stress with steadfast determination & perseverance. He would not tolerate anyone putting him down or shunning him because of his size & stature. The stron-willed rat overcame his final obstacle when proving his talent to his family & slicing the ancient bonds that tethered rats to the dirt, revealing a new world for them, a world of infinite opportunity. This film showed evidence of the theme in many ways & examples, some hidden but most open. Remy's practical father constantly tried to limit Remy's world to the humble, simple life of a common rat. Remy did the opposite, rebelling openly & slipping away to experiment & discover. This dangerous path lead him to Linquinie, a brave & determined teenager who was struggling to earn a place in Gusteau. Even after being rejected & ridiculed, sneered & laughed at, the steadfast young man steered his own course & future. His undeterred determination & perseverance eventually paid off, leaving him as Head Chef of Gusteau. Partnering with him was Collete, a fiercely devoted cook who had risen to the rank of best chef by pure will & determination. As a woman, she was shunned & laughed at until the close-minded chefs around her accepted her skill & potential, welcoming her into their ranks. The motley mix of Remy, Linguini, & Collete transformed Ratatouille into a powerful movie overfilling with this theme, and is a fine example of courage, bravery & undeterred determination. Of the many main ideas & themes this moving film had, I chose this theme for a particular reason. My reason was simply because it relates to anyone, anything, anywhere. For example, if Martin Luther King Jr. let his friends & family set his life, millions of African Americans would have scarcely a privilege, and racial ethnicity would crumble. Almost everyone has had another person bend their infuluence on them sometime, & if we meekly agreed we would have been no better then a pet, only there for another to harvest their thoughts & interests on. Even the most foolish tyrant could easily bend us to their will, leaving us close-minded & insecure. It was rebellions, fights that paved a highway to an open-minded, educated world that is willing to experiment & discover. Ratatouille exemplified this bases in many shapes and sizes, but all lead to one concrete idea: "Do not let anyone define your limits because of who you are and where you come from"

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Karen said...
on Dec. 8 2008 at 7:26 pm
This is one of my favorite movies and the analysis given was spot on. What a wonderful message expressed and so poignantly. Great job and I look forward to reading other articles by Eliot