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The Little Black Book

March 21, 2008
By Anonymous

The Little Black Book is a great movie for lovers of romance, comedy, and over all intense real life situations. This movie is more like real life than it probably should be. I bet 7 out of 10 people could relate the events in this movie to their own life experiences.

The Little Black Book is about a new talk show producer (Brittany Murphy) who's a bit too curious about her new boyfriends past. He goes out of town for a while and leaves his Palm Pilot behind on accident. Brittany Murphy then decides to go through it hopefully finding some dirt one this new boyfriend of hers. While Brittany and her new co-worker find out that Brittany's boyfriend is still keeping in touch with many of his ex girlfriends. Although Brittany doesn't know, her co-worker is secretly using this juicy story for one of the live shows on their talk show.

In the end Brittany is revealed and all of her boyfriend's ex girlfriends appear on the live show. Brittany's boyfriend ends up hooking back up with one of his ex girlfriends.
Brittany's co-worker turns out to be just using her for a great story and isn't really as friendly as she first seemed to be.

I recommend this movie to any range of ages. It is a good laugh for adults while its a great Saturday-night-movie for kids and teens.

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