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Happy Feet

March 21, 2008
By Anonymous

"Happy Feet" is a one of the most far fetched movies I have ever seen. Even though most movies are very far fetched this one was one of the words i have ever seen.

This movies is about a penguin colony that sings. It is very unexceptable to not be able to sing. Unfortunatly for Mumble, the main character of the movie can not dance. This is caused because his father dropped him while he was in an egg. Instead of not being able to sing he can dance. Mumble's mother thinks that it is a very cute trait, but his father thinks it is unexceptable. He thinks that he won't be able to find a wife. The leader of the community also thinks that it is unexceptable. Just by chance there has been a food shortage so the leader blames Mumble for it and throws him out. Then he finds some penguin friends in a different colony. He then meets their leader Lovelace. Then somehow Lovelace gets a plastic ring stuck around his neck. Mumble and his new friends decide to help the greedy leader and find the humans to help them get the ring off Lovelace's neck so he can breathe.

In the end Mumble ends up getting captured by the humans and taken to a zoo. Then they take him back to find his tribe. Then he proves his father wrong and falls in love with the beautiful Gloria, who loves him too, but hesitates because Mumble can't sing.

Over all this movie is filled with gross humor and many other things. For this to be directed as a childrens movie I think is very wrong. I hated having to sit in the theater through this boring and gross movie. If i was to give it stars I would give it about 2 stars out of five at the most.

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