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Freedom Writers

January 31, 2008
By Anonymous

“Freedom Writers” is an excellent choice for a movie. It shows people really can adjust for the best. It all starts with high school students who grow up in a gang related life. They start out a new year as they have before with the “I don’t care” outlook. They get a new teacher who gives them books to write in about personal life issues the go through. The students get in trouble and see one of their own get killed. The teacher never gives up on her students and they end up with an immense relationship. Moreover, their teacher was in their path as a child, and she tells them how she got out of her chaos. In the conclusion the kids change, get tremendous grades, and go to college all due to their new teacher who changed their ways. I recommend this movie because it teaches you real life issues and how to solve them. It sounds like a stupid title like I thought myself. After all it was a movie worth considering.

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