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May 27, 2008
By Anonymous

RENT is about a group of friends that all of have aids except for one, Mark. Mark is the photographer and catches every moment of his life to show how hard it is for some people. Doing this, he makes a video which he turns in and tries to get a director job. Meanwhile, his other friends are struggling through this terrible, non curable disease: aids. This story shows how difficult it is for some people to have to worry about paying for their medicine and their rent.

RENT on video is such a great movie. Once you see it you’ll being dying for more. This is exactly how I felt and it made me want to see it on Broadway so bad. Finally, I was allowed to. A few weeks ago, I went to go see RENT downtown at the Cadillac Theatre and it was phenomenal. Everything was just as I expected it to be. The actors and actresses were outstanding and it was just like the movie.
The actress that played the big role of Mimi was Jennifer Talton. She had such an amazing voice and really reminded me of the Mimi in the movie. The second biggest role of Roger played by Heinz Winckler was also outstanding! He also had an amazing voice and was a perfect person to play that role. Talton and Winckler did a wonderful job of acting as a couple that had many problems like drugs, diseases, and sick friends.
The overall story was a fantastic way of showing the lives of people who have aids and what they are going through with paying rent, finding food, and even finding warmth. All of the characters being played were so unique and special that I doubt anyone else could this great of a job reenacting this play and movie. If you haven’t seen RENT I recommend it to everyone. It was so entertaining and worth your money. The whole time you will on the edge of your seat, singing along, wondering what’s going to happen next.

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