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Drillbit Taylor

April 7, 2008
By Anonymous

This was a very funny comedy filled film that is good all the way through. It

shows funny stuff in the previews and usually the previews are the only

funny parts of this type of movie, but it actually has a lot of funny parts. It is

about three kids who go to their first day of high school, trying to make a

name for themselves, when they end up on the bullies bad side. The bully

and his friend give them crap everyday, so the kids “higher” a bodyguard

who is really a homeless guy that saw there ad on some guys computer at a

coffee shop when he was in the bathroom. He went to meet the kids who put

out the ad and wanted some protection, and he lied his a** off so the kids

would higher him. He just wanted their money so he could go to Canada so

he can live the life he always wanted. He ended up actually liking the kids

and he wanted to stay. He also like a teacher at the school so he ended up

staying because of her too. I would probably say this movie should get 8.5

out of 10. I say this because it was an all around funny movie, but it wasn’t

perfect. I would recommend it to somebody who wants to go and see a good

movie. It is a family film that is definitely worth buying when it comes out

on DVD and video(VHS).

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