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Blood Diamond

April 7, 2008
By Anonymous

After seeing the movie blood diamond it really changed my view on Africa as well as the world as a whole. The movie is based out of Burundi, Africa which is in south western part of the continent.

To start off the film was about African slaves finding diamonds then illegally trading those diamonds with countries all around the globe. In return the Africans smuggling the diamonds would receive guns, ammo, and money. The diamond smuggling business is a very long process.

The movie already had something going well for them in the acting department which is Leonardo Decapreo who has yet to make a bad film from what I have seen. He plays as a white man who was born and raised in Zimbabwe and now does the actual trading part with the other countries so he is very sly.

The illegal diamond trade was one of the main reason a “civil” war broke out between the government and the R.U.F the group or association that raises young boys to be cold hearted soldiers then capture innocent people to slave for them searching for the diamonds. The government is trying to work with the R.U.F instead of war but the stubborn gang will not give in they will fight until they control the country. In the midst of the diamond trade Leonardo’s character runs into a journalist writing stories and trying to cease the smuggling or “blood diamond” trade. Along with meeting her he tries to set a deal with her because he knows she can help him with his business if he gives her information about the blood diamond trade. To back up a little bit Leonardo runs into a slave who happened to find a very valuable diamond that he does not realize could make a lot of money. The deal between them is if Leonardo helps Solomon (the slave) find his family, Solomon will let Leonardo have the diamond and sell it. But Leonardo needs the journalists help to find his family. That’s just about all I can tell you until I spoil the ending so I’ll leave it there.

You could be wondering where the title comes from, which is a good question. It is called Blood Diamond because one very, very popular way of smuggling the jewels is hiding them in your body by cutting open a slit in your arm and placing the diamond in there so people would not notice.

The movie isn’t based off a true story but true facts which need to stop because the Blood Diamond process is killing people and we don’t know it but were all probably wearing illegal diamonds in our necklaces, rings, earrings etc,. I would definitely recommend this movie to teenagers and adults, the film was a for sure eye opener.

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