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May 19, 2008
By Anonymous

This is movie is amazing. It is about a little boy that lose his mother. When she was getting off of work someone hit her car and killed her. So the littler boy had to stay with his moms best friend. On the way to her house the boy was on a plane to meet. When he was on the plane a girl gave him a coloring book,so he will not be bored.He was making a face than all of a sudden the face was a talking to him. Whe his plane made it to the airport.The face was talking to him. Then the face turned into a human. He was a big guy from France. His step mother was always talking to him asking him why he wasa talking to him self. Then the little boy runs away beacuse his step mother kicked out Bogus. So the little boy goes to find his moms best friend in tow. Then on the way there he see Bogus.Then the little boy goes home.

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