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Inside Man

May 29, 2008
By Anonymous

There have been countless movies based on bank robberies, but Inside Man is by far the best one of them I have seen. It’s about a man, Dalton Russell, played by Clive Owen, who has planed out the perfect bank robbery. He and his crew use tactics that I have never seen before in any other bank robbery movie.

The movie starts off with a man, from a cell, who tells us he has planned the perfect bank robbery, and he invites us to watch. After this invitation a group of people dressed like painters rush inside Manhattan bank, locks the doors, and takes all the people inside hostage. The robbers stay on the move creating twists and turns that can fool even the best of detectives.

Denzel Washington is one of my favorite actor and he plays Detective Keith Frazier, the man who was assigned the job to negotiate with the robbers. Washington and Owen do a great job in keeping the movie exciting and interesting. I couldn’t stop paying attention if I wanted to. I was too into it.

Overall it was a good movie. If you like exciting and suspenseful movies then you should definitely see this movie. The movie is great, the cast is great, the acting is great, and it’s the one of the best bank robbery movies out there.

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