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The Incredible Hulk

June 15, 2008
By Anonymous

Nearly five years ago, Dr. Bruce Banner (Edward Norton), along with his girlfriend/college professor Betty Ross (Liv Tyler), were working to study the effects of gamma radiation and while running a test on himself, Banner unlocked something within, something mean and green.

Five years later and since gone without having "an event", Banner is living in the Favelas of Brazil, working as a janitor in a soda-bottling plant and trying to control his anger and find a cure with the mysterious Mr Blue (Tim Blake Nelson). This proves to be tough when General Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross (William Hurt), finds Banner, and sends a team of soliders, lead by the tough Emil Blonksy (Tim Roth) to grab him. It's learned very quickly what Ross's are true intentions for capturing Bruce and Blonsky equally wants the same "serum." Back home, Banner quickly re-connects with Betty and just in time as Gen. Thunderbolt releases a second-attack on a college campus with an enhanced Blonsky. While trying to out-run, Banner is trapped in an over-pass and has no choice but to let his "other side" do the talking for once. Having lost a face-to-face combat, Blonksy wants to become as powerful as the Hulk and insteads becomes something more of an Abomination.

This new re-telling of the misunderstood Green Goliath was just what the doctor ordered. This Louis Letterier film was more of a nod to the old 70's t.v. show than the comic books. But that shouldn't suggest that it was still one of the best comic book movies in the past years. The brilliant cast is what really holds this one up. Edward Norton does a brilliant job as Bruce. He mixes the right amount of humor and seriousness when called for. There is a quick scene where he's about to be beaten by some coworkers where butchers the famous "You-wouldn't-like-me-when-I'm-angry" line in Portugeuse. Liv Tyler is perfect as Betty Ross. After all the years and she's still in love with him. The scene where they're riding a wild taxi to meet someone is a real gutbuster. William Hurt does a fine job as the General, a man consumed with nothing more than creating the perfect "super-solider." Tim Roth does terrific job as Emil, a solider who's determined to get the job done, but wouldn't mind having some of that green power for himself. As he is injected with more and more serum, you can see how he kind of becomes a junkie for it.

Cameos and little nod-offs to the t.v. show and Marvel universe fill this movie. Be sure to look for Lou Ferigno, Stan Lee, and even a certain billionaire and listen closely, you might even hear the sad, walking away song and maybe a "Hulk Smash!" or two. I highly reccomend this movie to any comic book fan...or someone with big time anger issues.

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