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July 6, 2008
By Anonymous

I could not wait to see Hancock. Watching every single commercial my near-sighted eyes could handle, I gnashed my teeth for a chance to see Will Smith's "next great comedy". What I saw, was nothing short of garbage.
The story begins with an extremely drunk Hancock ending a car chase- by throwing the car through a large spike on top of a skyscraper. Needless to say, this has cost the city yet another financial burden, one more on a giant list.
The townsfolk get fed up, but a helpful publicist,Ray, helps Hancock sharpen his image. And it begins to work, until Hancock discovers a rare secret about Ray's wife.
This story gets lost in a sci-fi romance in the middle of the movie- a far cry from the comedy I expected. Not only was this movie dirty and teeming with profanities, but it was pointless and ill-written.
I would never suggest Hancock to anyone, and I hope you will never see this movie, because you'd waste your $8

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