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Death Race

September 5, 2008
By Anonymous

This labor day I went to my local theater to bear witness to the new action movie Death Race. I went in with low expectations and left with those expectations met. I’m not saying it’s a bad movie, and as far as action movies go it was pretty good. But that’s just the problem, it’s an action movie! And that’s pretty much what you get, action. No super surprising plot twists, no ingenious story telling, no thick plot. Just action and relatively good character development.

I am not by any means saying this is a bad movie. I’m just saying it wasn’t incredible. It was a good use of the hour and thirty minutes, but I’m sure I could have done something better with my nine dollars.

The movie overall was okay but built on a shaky premises. In the year 2012 the U.S economy crashes and the crime rate skyrockets. So prisons become privatized. For profit, one prison holds races where the winner gets their freedom, if they’re not run over, gunned down, or beat to death first.

So, for those looking for exciting prison fights, modified cars with big guns, and enough blood to fill a pool, look no further than death race. But for those who’d like developed characters, thick plots and enthralling twists you’ll have to look else where.

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