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By Anonymous

     In Boston, Massachusetts, the Irish mafia controls the streets. One man in particular, Frank Costello, runs the narcotics trade. Costello’s operation is expertly organized, his men ranging from lowly street workers to sophisticated moles. Costello’s top mole, Colin Sullivan, provides information from high inside the Boston State Police detective’s department. Little do Sullivan and Costello know, but the Boston Police have dispatched their own mole into Costello’s midst.

Police officer Billy Costigan infiltrates Costello’s operation in order to eliminate organized crime in Boston. “The Departed” tells the tale of the two moles’ elegant dance. They circle each other as Costigan is ordered to find the mole in the police department, and Sullivan is directed to find the mole in Costello’s gang.

“The Departed” is easily one of Martin Scorsese’s best works and very well may earn him the Academy Award he deserves. The story’s plot and likeable characters make the film deeply engrossing, and one hardly notices its length. The excellent direction and acting contribute to this immersion. The cast, including Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, and Jack Nicholson, expertly executes Scorsese’s masterpiece.

The film is by far the best work seen for some time, and only loses its charm in the last 15 minutes. Although the ending feels somewhat rushed, it effectively ties up the loose ends.

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