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By Anonymous

     It seems Hollywood has been popping out "scary" movie after movie, but how many actually make your heart stop? When a film actually makes me wonder what's going to happen next, and doesn't fulfill my prediction, I know it's made my list. "Gothika" is in this category.

It tells of a well-respected criminal psychologist, Miranda Grey (played by Oscar winner Halle Berry). She is a smart woman with a comfortable marriage and stable life. Shortly into the movie, however, she is put into the hospital (where she had worked) for a crime she does not remember committing.

She realizes what her female patients go through and begins to believe that maybe those who say they hear voices, really do. She goes from being someone who only trusts logic to trusting her instincts.

This story is smart, scary and very mysterious. The characters are intense and make "Gothika" one of the few great ghost stories out there.

This movie is rated R.

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i love this so much!