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     Kate Hudson and Luke Wilson cleverly draw viewers into this amusing film directed by Rob Reiner. Although very predictable, "Alex and Emma" is a movie to see.

Struggling writer Alex (Wilson) has had a crazy life recently, yet he does not know what his next novel will be. He has no money, lives in a ramshackle apartment, and owes two contemptible guys $100,000. They hunt him down and give him 30 days to write his novel to pay them back, or he dies.

After their little visit, he hires Emma (Hudson) to type his story as he dictates it. But he still has no idea what to write, and Emma isn't willing to help. Finally, he begins a story about a man in love with two women. This character, however, is also in an incredulous situation in his life with total chaos.

As the days pass, Emma begins to help Alex with ideas, and the two develop a close relationship. Emma learns more about Alex, but her life is still a mystery to him. They continue to collaborate as the deadline draws near. They realize they are falling in love, but don't admit it to each other. Another twist - though they are falling in love, Emma grows suspicious of Alex's novel. Is this novel really Alex's life story? Does Alex have "another woman," or is Emma his true love? And if she is, will Emma ever admit her love for him?

"Alex and Emma" is a classic when it comes to love stories. There are scenes that are touching, but there are also some meant for laughs.

This movie keeps you entertained and is perfect to watch with friends.

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i love this so much!

CodeHavok said...
on Mar. 21 2011 at 11:07 am
Very, well written! -)