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   I thought "Daredevil" would be an okay film, but not nearly as good as"Spider-Man," "X-Men" or "Blade." After seeing it,I can say I completely underestimated it! It is now my favorite comic-book movie.

The direction was amazing. Mark Steven Johnson ("Grumpy OldMen") uses the naturally dark mood of the comic and sprinkled amazingsymbolism throughout. I was in awe not only of the wonderfully artistic cameraangles and the interesting beginning, but also the wonderful use of sound.Johnson has created many ideas from which the comic could grow and improve.

The acting is very good and the characters are very much how a comic"geek" like myself imagines them. Most comic-book movies show theorigins of each character but "Daredevil" skips all but the maincharacter. This does not mean that the others are not well introduced, but thefilm gears up and starts the action scenes much faster. The fact that there areso many big names (Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner, among others) does notdetract from the story.

Overall, "Daredevil" delivers whereother comic-book movies don't. I'm not saying it doesn't have its shortcomings,but they are easily overlooked. The film is not your standard "superherobeats up bad guys and gets the girl" movie. Instead it shows how justice isblind, much like the main character himself, while having a romantic subplot.This is a great action movie that can also be a good date film.

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i love this so much!