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By Anonymous

   I enjoyed this realistic, down-to-earth movie. The plot is unpredictable, and theactors do a great job.

Melanie (Reese Witherspoon) is a rising star in theworld of fashion design. Andrew (Patrick Dempsey) is the most eligible bachelorin New York, and the son of the mayor. When he asks her hand in marriage Melaniesays yes, but she has some unfinished business to attend to in her nativeAlabama. She has to go home to get her husband Jake (Josh Lucas) to sign divorcepapers. Jake doesn't want to sign, and the first part of the movie revolvesaround their fights about the divorce.

Melanie goes out of her way tomake Jake miserable, mocking his friends, spending his money and other thingsthat, in the end, work. She wakes up one morning and the papers are signed. NowMelanie isn't so sure she's made the right choice, but she sends them inanyway.

All of a sudden, her fiance shows up in Alabama wanting to meether family. Melanie doesn't want Andrew to find out she was married to Jake whileengaged to him, and that she didn't grown up with money, but when he discoversher secret, he forgives her. The wedding is still on!

The wedding,however, is interrupted by Melanie's lawyer running in with news that forces herto decide who she really wants to be with.

I don't want to give away theending, but I will tell you I really enjoyed "Sweet Home Alabama." Ifyou're wondering if you should watch this movie, I definitely would say yes!

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i love this so much!