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By Anonymous

   Farrelly Brothers, I want my money back! "ShallowHal" is the most insulting movie I have ever wasted my money on. I admit,its moral is a good one, but the way it is illustrated is completelytasteless.

The movie begins with Hal (Jack Black) and Maurice (JasonAlexander), two sleazy middle-aged men, in a nightclub trying to pick upbeautiful women and not having any luck. The next day Hal ends up in an elevatorwith none other than Tony Robbins, the motivational speaker. Believe it or not,the elevator breaks (what a cliché) and they are stuck together for over24 hours. During this time Hal tells Tony about his woman problems. Tony respondsthat Hal is too shallow, which Hal does not believe, so Tony hypnotizes him intoseeing the inner beauty in everyone he meets. (This concept is a great one, butif he is able to see inner beauty, wouldn't he see inner ugliness, too? Thatwould make sense, but beauty sells, not honesty.)

So, because of his newgift, Hal meets all kinds of beautiful women who are actually interested in him,and then one day Hal meets Rosie. Rosie is the most beautiful girl in the entireworld, another good concept, but again, not well done. One of the most disturbingscenes in this atrocity is when Hal and Rosie are in a diner. Not only did Rosieorder everything on the menu (because, of course, overweight people really eatlike that), but also her chair, made of stainless steel, breaks. This is not theonly time in the movie where something breaks under poor Rosie.

When Halfinally figures out what's happening he decides he cannot date Rosie anymore. Butthen, since Hal is such a good person, he realizes he cannot live without Rosie,even if she is fat, and they live happily ever after - except that Rosie musthave an incredibly low self-esteem thanks to her "ShallowHal."

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i love this so much!