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   Overworked teenagers in a grungy break room is the opening scene ofthe recently released "Go." Directed by Doug Liman andproduced by Paul Rosenberg, Mickey Liddell and Matt Freeman, this hitis packed full of car chases, teenage raves and dry humor.

Katie Holmes ("Dawson's Creek") plays the reluctant friendClaire and co-worker of 18-year-old Ronna (Sarah Polley). Ronna getsinto trouble when she takes over a drug deal for another co-workerSimon (William Fichtner) because of her desperate need for moneybecause of an eviction notice.

The movie reminded me of "Pulp Fiction" but had more humorwith the help of two TV stars (played by teen heartthrob Scott Wolfand Jay Mohr) who meet Ronna to make a deal.

The acting in "Go" was surprising considering the actorsare new to Hollywood (most anyway). The movie is based on one nightof misadventures in Los Angeles. Go see "Go.".

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i love this so much!