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   Based on the British television series, "Mr. Bean," this movie has its amusing points, but the inadequate storyline with many plot holes overshadows these moments of absolute hilarity. Bean, a worker at a fancy art gallery in England, is selected by his co-workers to make a speech at an opening of a special art gallery in the United States (basically to get rid of him). Bean has no qualifications whatsoever, and the story goes from there. A VIP at the gallery (Peter MacNicol) and his wife (Pamela Reed) take "Dr." Bean into their home and chaos ensues.

Bean (Rowan Atkinson) shines in this role, which is similar to his television series. His supporting cast and the writing are below average, though. The story jumps around and is very inconsistent. Also, the characters are probably the least rounded characters I've seen in a movie. They just seem to be thrown into different situations at awkward times to fix gaps in the storyline.

Atkinson, displaying the entertaining and absurd antics of Bean, carries this movie and steals nearly every scene. The other characters just don't seem to fit. The writing is not clever, but it is entertaining. "Bean" might bore teenagers over fifteen, but they will find some humor in it. It is basically suited for pre-teens and younger teenagers. It's a fairly mediocre movie, but you'll get some laughs from it. .

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