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   He wears a dirty black rain slicker and carries a shining fishhook which he uses to slice through people's throats. He stalks his victims like Michael Myers and Jason. One thing that "I Know What You Did Last Summer" has is originality. This movie stars Jennifer Love Hewitt, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Freddie Prinze Jr., and Ryan Phillippe. It is directed by Wes Craven.

It takes place in a small fishing village in North Carolina on the Fourth of July. You can tell by the opening scene that this is not going to be a boring movie. After coming back from a celebration on the beach, four high school graduates accidentally run over someone crossing the road. They panic and dump the body in the ocean only to realize at the last minute that he is still alive.

They think they have gotten away with it and they agree never to speak about it again. Each character wants to get away from the town forever. They think everything is going well until the following summer. Someone sends one of them a letter that says (what else but) "I know what you did last summer." They immediately begin to wonder who sent it. Was it the person that they hit, his sister, or one of them playing a trick? At this point bodies start to pile up as the killer begins to go after them with his hook.

The difference between this and all those other horror movies is that there is a motive for the killer to go after them. Also, the main characters have committed a crime and are not just innocent victims. They are more than just brainless teenagers like other horror movies. Some of them feel guilty about what they did and the others just want to pretend it never happened. As the movie progresses, you can sense which characters are going to die. Toward the end it goes the way of all horror movies. Everyone but the good guys gets slashed.

The only complaint I have is that the killer is just like the other killers. The only difference is the clever way he "hooks" his victims. If you are looking for a very good scare, this movie is perfect

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i love this so much!

zman1 PLATINUM said...
on Dec. 18 2009 at 9:30 pm
zman1 PLATINUM, Bethesda, Maryland
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This movie is not directed by Wes Craven, it is directed by Jim Gillespie.