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By Anonymous

   During Thanksgiving vacation I had the pleasure of viewing the film, Mrs.Doubtfire. I am sure many people have seen commercials for the film and know itis about a father who dresses up as a woman to see his children. Such a funnyconcept has everyone assuming Mrs. Doubtfire is only a comedy. This is foolishbecause the movie is filled with many sad and touching moments.

Mrs.Doubtfire deals with divorce and its effects on a family in a realistic fashion.The movie displays an unemployed father's desperation to see his children. RobinWilliams gives a brilliant performance as this character. It is always clear heloves his children and wants to see them. The pain is always in his eyes,resulting in the compassion of any viewer. There are times in the film when thetheater echoes with laughter but I guarantee that a box of tissues will come inhandy. The beauty of the film lies in its ending. The parents do not get backtogether but the children understand it was not their fault a divorce occurred.They also understand both parents love them.

Mrs. Doubtfire is a veryentertaining film but despite its comedic moments, it has an emotional impact onviewers. I applaud the sincere performance of Robin Williams and highly recommendthe movie to anyone in search of an unforgettable experience. Mrs. Doubtfire iswithout a doubt the best I have seen all year.

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