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   Newly released on video, Julia Roberts ("Pretty Woman," "Flatliners") stars in this spine-tingling thriller about an abused wife and her terrorizing husband (Patric Bergin).

Married for three years, Laura and Martin Burley (Roberts & Bergin) seem like a happy couple as the movie opens. A bit slow-moving to start, the pace quickens as Martin's true colors are revealed when he beats Laura after he suspects that she may be cheating on him.

In a desperate attempt to get away from this possessive and abusive husband, she fakes her own death in a boating accident off Cape Cod, and runs to a small town in Iowa. Once away from Martin, she makes her home in Cedar Falls, calling herself Sara Waters.

Things begin to go well for her. She comes to love her kind, handsome neighbor, Ben Woodward (Kevin Anderson), who teaches drama at a local college.

As for Martin, small clues begin to lead him to believe Laura is alive and well, and it's almost uncanny how fast he tracks her down.

As she feared, Laura realizes her husband is stalking her. And as the climax rises, your heart rate is guaranteed to do the same. You're promised to be on the edge of your seat until the heart-stopping finale. n

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i love this so much!