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   Rated R. Those under 17 must be accompanied by an adult.

"Sleeping With the Enemy" is a horrifying, yet realistic account of one husband's physical abuse of his wife. All too often, women concede to this type of violence and abuse and don't try to get out of the marriage. In this film, Julia Roberts, cast as the abused wife, gathers the courage to leave her husband (Patrick Bergin). She finds no other way to do this than to make her husband believe that she is dead. After intricate planning, a complex scheme, and a stroke of good luck, she is able to fool her husband and convince her community of her death. She then heads to the opposite side of the country and attempts to start a new life. This includes renting a house and finding a new boyfriend, played by Kevin Anderson. Everything is fine, until she realizes her husband knows she is alive. He has started a ruthless quest to find her and there seems to be no stopping this heartless maniac. She lives with the feeling of suspense and danger that her husband will find her in her "new life." Whether he finds her or nor not is for you to find out.

I recommend this suspenseful and thrilling movie for all Julia Roberts fans and for anyone who is in the mood for a nail-biting drama. This movie may be a little unrealistic in showing the escaping wife settling easily into a new community. In addition, the title sounds a little sleazy, and basically has, I think, nothing to do with the movie itself. Otherwise, "Sleeping With the Enemy" is a chilling and realistic view of domestic violence. Although it didn't receive particularly good reviews, I give it two thumbs up! n

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