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Need for Speed

September 29, 2015
By saucysaucer BRONZE, Vauxhall, Other
saucysaucer BRONZE, Vauxhall, Other
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Need for speed the movie
I like to watch need for speed because it is a funny and action packed movie.
One of my favorite scenes is when Finn quits
his job in the office and then joins his friends.
Another good scene is when Tobey Marshalls
and Julia Maddon are being chased by the guys
in the desert place and then get picked up by
the helicopter. That was just one of many action is also a sad story because of the part when little Pete dies in a race with Tobey and Dino Brewster, Pete dies because Dino hits the car little Pete is In and Pete dies after his car flips a couple times. Then Dino frames Tobey for it and then Tobey goes to jail and Dino hides the car he use to hit Pete so the cops can’t find out it was him. Then Tobey try’s to enter a cross country race after getting out of jail, then gets in the race with revenge in mind because he finds out Dino is in it. Then he wrecks his car, so he looks for the car that Dino hid and then finds it with the same markings on it from when Pete died. Then gets to the race with that car and surprises Dino then he wins the race that is the movie in a nut shell.

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