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Mr. Toad's Wild Ride

April 22, 2016
By LegendKeeper DIAMOND, Unadilla, New York
LegendKeeper DIAMOND, Unadilla, New York
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All was peaceful along the riverbank. The only worries most had were whether or not it would rain or if one could finish white-washing his cieling. Then the peace and ease of the riverbank is broken when Mr. Toad (Terry Jones) acquires an obsession over motorcars. He's willing to do anything to get his hands on one or six, including sell off the meadow where his friend Mole (Steeve Coogan) lives to a gang of greedy weasels. When Toad's obsession lands him in prison, it's up to Mole, Ratty (Eric Idle) and Badger (Nicol Williamson) to free him and take back the Toad estate before the weasels unleash utter devestation on the riverbank and wildwood that these creatures call home.


Good points:

The entire plot of this film is centered on the true meaning of home and friendship, and very well. The weasels plan to make the wildwood and riverbank a commercial area, while the other creatures fight to preserve the sweet, simple atmosphere of it. Upon hearing of Mole's home being destroyed, all his friends offer to take him into their own homes.

Toad's friends, even the tempremental Badger, are always ready to come to his aid, even when he doesn't deserve it, and care for him when he isn't appreciative.

Ultimately Toad comes to realize how selfish he's been and does everything in his power to save his estate for his friends.

There is no blood shown.

The depiction of animals by humans is astounding, as very little make up is used, but is stressed through costume and behavior.

Negative points:

While escaping from prison, Toad dresses up as a woman, and is later cornered by a guard who wants a kiss. Toad pours steaming hot water down his trousers. He's later seen limping around, clutching his crotch.

There is a little bit of gun-play, explosions, car crashes and threat of being minced throughout, but there are no fatalities. Young children may be frightened by a villain musical number that takes place in the woods at night, with the weasels ganging up on Mole. Sometime's Badger's temper lists towards physical abuse.

Weasels get drunk.

The word 'nincompoop' is repeated several times.

Result: A simple classic about the importance of friends and home, suitable for a family night in.

The author's comments:

"Is it really such a nasty world?"

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