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How Parachutes by Frank Iero Changed My Life

November 3, 2019
By parachutes BRONZE, Mel, Saskatchewan
parachutes BRONZE, Mel, Saskatchewan
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Never give up, never give in

    2016 was the year my life fell apart, literally and metaphorically, and I wouldn't be the person I am today if Frank Iero hadn’t thrown Parachutes at me to gather all my fragments and soften the fall. 

    I know what your thinking. Oh, this is just another melodramatic angsty teen trying to manipulate me into listening to a mediocre album. Or; Oh, theres no way an album can save someone’s life. Leave your scepticism at the door. This is my story; take it or leave it. 

    World Destroyer (3:18) By the time this album released, I had already begun to fracture inside, little by little. The 2 months prior to its arrival in my life, 2 tragedies had launched themselves into my life. The first one was the brutal death of my dearly beloved cat, Albus Perceval Wulfrice Brian Dumbledore the 2nd. He had been run over by a northbound vehicle. I discovered his cold, wet, and crushed body laying in the middle of the road on August 22nd early in the morning. He was my first love. The second tragedy was polar opposite to the prior one; the birth of my cousin. She was my estranged aunts first child, and my grandparents were ecstatic. They constantly said I was “no longer their favourite” youngest granddaughter (they had 4 grandkids, so we were all a favourite something). By October 28, 2016, I was in desperate need of something to make me feel, so I got up at 1:42 AM, and eagerly waited 3 minutes until the album was available in my region. Frank Iero had been my favourite musician for my entire life, so I counted on him to help me. 

    Well, Mr Iero did not fail me. World Destroyer assaulted my eardrums at full volume for a glorious 3 minutes and 18 seconds, and I immediately felt better. The lyrics, the angst, and the sorrow in his voice gripped me, and I knew I could rely on this particular Parachute to rescue me from anything this life throws at me. 

    Veins! Veins!! Veins!!! (2:50) Several months later, I went through an ordeal that really screwed me up. I don’t care to burden you with the details, but my mental health deteriorated rapidly. I'm would listen to this song every night, and Iero protected me from the darkest demons. “I know you’re there! Coursing through my veins!” “And this bitter pill I swallow down is greeted by a poisonous smile, a crucified heart, a cancerous gut, an appetite to give up”. He gave me the strength to “stay up all night” and accept that the way I was was “just fine, its who I am”. 

    I’m a Mess (2:56) Although Frank kept me safe at night, daytime was a whole other story. I was the embodiment of this song. “Maybe I’m just lost they said. Maybe I’m just tired or dead. Inside somethings wrong with me. Maybe thats just who I am. Maybe I’m a mess”. These lines resonated deep inside; that’s when I realized I wasn't alone. The realization that there were other people out there struggling with their feelings and mental health made me feel less alone, so I sought the help I desperately needed. 

    They Wanted Darkness... (3:41) They Wanted Darkness sums up my experience with the Mental Health Services in Canada. All I took from the hours of counselling I went to was that I should hide and suppress it inside. I call this song “The Bird Song”, because Frank makes a bird sound at the beginning. It always makes me smile.

    I’ll Let You Down (4:26) This song is how I felt after telling my Mum that I had a terrible counsellor. I felt that my soul purpose in life now was to let her, my dad, and my siblings down. It made me feel like a failure and disappointment to my family.  Frank sings about how he's been down that road before, and it made me scared that I was bound to repeat my mistakes again.  

    Remedy (3:13) Remedy is a beautiful ballad about getting better. This song makes me think of my second counsellor, a beautiful kind spirited woman who understood what it was like to be messed up. Combined with her help, and my Mum's love, they made me believe I was worth being saved, worth being alive, and worth getting better. 

    Dear Percocet, I Don’t Think We Should See Each Other Anymore (2:18) Percocet is an energy-packed beat that picks me up when I'm in a mood. Its angsty loud beat can drive away even the darkest of clouds. 

    Miss Me (3:08) The chorus in this song resonates deeply inside of me. It gave me a different perspective on self-worth and encouraged me to live my truth and be myself. I changed myself to make it so that when my time of death comes I will 1000% without a doubt be missed.

    Oceans (4:25), The Resurrectionist, or An Existential Crisis in C♯ (4:26), Viva Indifference (4:54), and 9-6-15 (3:56) This brings us to the end of my story, and the end of the album. The four final tracks of this impeccable album don't have a tale yet, for I am still striving to accept myself and be accepted by my peers. I can tell you this though; Oceans haunting melody will give you chills, The Ressurectionist will make you feel alive again with it’s sad, sad tale of redemption, Viva Indifference will expose you to Iero’s impeccable emotional voice, and 9/6/15 will break your heart. These 4 tracks are all unique, but they all have a heartbreaking prose and sympathetic guitar riffs. 

    I recommend this album for anyone living on this planet of ours. It can connect with anyone in any stage or walk of life. So go ahead, give it a listen, and let Frank Iero and the Patience become a part of your story. 


                      “If we can’t forgive we’ll never know how far we’ve really come.” (Frank Iero, 2016)

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