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At The End of The Day-Wallows

May 17, 2023
By JHeinecke BRONZE, Lee's Summit, Missouri
JHeinecke BRONZE, Lee's Summit, Missouri
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At The End of The Day-Wallows

Please lay your head here on my shoulder Your words could never be criminal

The night is young, but we're still getting older My love's subliminal

Can you see ourselves in love like this forever? Oh, you know

Or are you afraid that's too much pressure? That if it's day or night, if it's day or night

At the end of the day, I'm not far away, I'm staying When I look in your eyes, forever sounds alright

A face in the crowd and you're not around, it's fading Don't blame yourself if they look away

If you wanted I would never call you (ooh) Why f*ck with fate 'cause

Never think about you, never let you go (ooh) [Chorus]

But at the end of the day, are we on our way, breaking

There's a place you used to take me almost twice a week

And at first you made me nervous, I could hardly speak

I don't really think about it anymore

Is that a problem or just something to ignore?

Time on my hands, Falling like sand

Just take it back if you need an escape plan


Please just see

That you are not alone, you are not alone

I'll never let you go, unless you want me to




At The End of The Day song analysis

Wallows, a band whose members include Dylan Minnette, Braeden Lemasters, and Cole Preston, released their second studio album titled Tell Me That It’s Over, which has a track called “At The End of The Day”. The song uses lots of symbolism to illustrate the meaning of the song. The beginning line and chords of the song carry a soft, romantic, and easy-going sensation. However, the rest of the lyrics lay out a strongly opposing perception of love and relationships. Wallows, the band that wrote “At The End of The Day”, portrays a person going through intense anxiety within their newly begun relationship. The anxiety stems from the unsteadiness of not knowing what the future will bring. In the song, the lyrics “The night is young, but we’re still getting older” can be interpreted as the couple’s relationship being freshly official, but inevitable obstacles and struggles of life await the two. Wallows reveals the very realistic apprehensiveness that one’s mind can go to when deciding to begin a future with someone. Later in the song, Wallows writes, “And at first you made me nervous, I could hardly speak/I don’t really think about it anymore/Is that a problem or just something to ignore”. In short, these lines mean that before the two were an official couple and still had child-like crushes on each other, the nervousness and unknowns of it all was exhilarating, but now that the couple is official, the character does not think back much on the original excitement. Now, the character is panicked and terrified that their partner thinks their spark has depleted.

In “At The End of The Day”, Wallows depicts the thoughts of a person who overthinks and convinces themselves that one day, the love of their life may stop loving them back. The line “At the end of the day, I’m not far away, I’m staying” indicates that, even if the partner eventually moves on, this person will always hold strong feelings toward them. The band shows an example of being blinded by love, even after a breakup, by writing “Your words could never be criminal/My love’s subliminal”. In this context, the words being described as“criminal” may have a double meaning in regards to a breakup or a fallout, yet the character’s love affects them without even realizing it. The “subliminal love” causes the character to not be able to let go of their partner. This point can also be identified in the lyrics, “When I look in your eyes, forever sounds alright/Don’t blame yourself if they look away”. When the character looks into their partner’s eyes, they are looking into their soul and seeing all of the internal beauty that they fell in love with. However, if someday the other person chooses to turn away and move on in their life without the character, then they will have to accept that and allow the partner to find happiness elsewhere.


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