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Martin Garrix & JVKE

May 18, 2023
By thetankman2005 BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
thetankman2005 BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
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All gamers and music enthusiasts, be alert! New music is coming up this December. This time it's Martin Garrix with a new track “Hero”, as part of a collaboration with Marvel on the newest mobile game “Marvel Snap”.  Garrix is no stranger to getting into the pop realm, having produced non-EDM tracks like “In The Name of Love”, “Scared To Be Lonely”, “There For You”, “Ocean” and “Pressure”.

This marks the time Martin Garrix went back to his gentler side, the last time of which was “Pressure” with Tove Lo and “Love Runs Out” with rapper G-Eazy & singer Sasha Alex Sloan. The Dutch wunderbar has been known to push his music boundaries, experimenting with other genres, like his side projects AREA21 (with rapper Maejor), YTRAM (a reverse spell of his name “Marty”), and GRX (shortened for Garrix). He is also no stranger to working with rising artists, like Shaun Farrugia, a singer-songwriter from Malta, through the songs “Starlight (Keep Me Afloat)” and “If We’ll Ever Be Remembered”, released earlier this year as part of his album Sentio.

“Hero” is a future bass and dance-pop track, with some funky synths at the drop and a mesmerizing vocal intro. The song can be reminiscent of his previous tracks "Scared To Be Lonely” & “There For You”, with JVKE’s voice reminding many listeners to Imagine Dragons’s frontman Dan Reynolds, through powerful songs like “Believer” and “Thunder”. Lyrically, the song is about the pressure of being a hero/savior when people don’t appreciate you for putting in your efforts, and blame you when things go wrong. Just like a relationship, to make it work, both sides need to help build it for each other. If not, the relationship is not going to last, as shown in the refrain “Cause love don't last in the dark…”. The music video shows the wild realities in JVKE's mind when his ex texts him, along with appearances from Marvel’s most notable couples like Spider-Man & Gwen, Stacy, Storm & Black Panther, and Vision & Scarlet Witch.

Martin Garrix is a world-renowned DJ/producer from the Netherlands, well-known for his dance hit “Animals”, which blew up when he was 17. He started DJing after seeing Tiësto perform in 2004. In 2016, 2017, 2018, and this year, DJ Mag named him the No.1 DJ. Garrix has also headlined festivals like Tomorrowland, Ultra, and many other festivals. As for JVKE, whose real name is Jacob Lawson, got his big break in 2021 when his song “Upside Down” blew up through one of his TikTok uploads during the pandemic.

Overall, this song deserves a rating of 8.5/10. This song is reminiscent of Imagine Dragons “Believer” “Demons” and “Bones”, with powerful, heartfelt lyrics that pair well with energetic beats. The song is big for any gamers out there since it’s the soundtrack of Marvel Snap, but for anyone else who is feeling burdened because people don’t respect you for your efforts, this song might hit differently. Go check out the music video for “Hero” below and don’t forget to download Marvel Snap!

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Frank Luu is a DJ/producer and a student journalist from Mather High School in Chicago, IL. An avid electronic music listener, he has been a Garrixer (fan of Martin Garrix) since 2017 and has been loving it. In his free time, he likes producing and riding his bike.

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