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Anti-Swifties Need to Calm Down!

August 25, 2023
By danilippman BRONZE, Sherman Oaks, California
danilippman BRONZE, Sherman Oaks, California
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I went to the Eras Tour three nights in a row last month, and I would have gone back a million more times if money didn’t exist. Taylor Swift is unlike anyone else, and I think anyone who says they don’t like her is lying. I was tired after my first show, but after my second one, I was sad that I only had one more. I am so incredibly grateful and lucky to have seen it three times and I hope everyone gets the chance to see her live one day. 

My dad was telling me about how he used to go to Grateful Dead concerts and the crowd acted very similarly to the way I described Swifties at the Eras Tour. Dead Heads would wait anxiously for each song because the band never stuck to a set list, so it was always a concert full of “surprise songs”. That was probably the biggest and most memorable part of the Eras Tour for me. The way the crowds went wild for the surprise songs that Taylor played was something I will never forget. I honestly feel like the whole set list was just as exciting though. Despite the setlist being the same each night, it always feels new and exciting like it’s the very first time I’m seeing her. 

The first Eras show I saw was with my mom and cousin, who are both huge Swifties, as well as my aunt who did not really know Taylor too well before the tour. She had been super excited and listening to Taylor a lot leading up to the show, but I was nervous she wouldn’t like the show as much as the rest of us. She ended up loving every second of it, and when we went over to her house for dinner a week after the tour, she told us how she’d been watching videos and reading articles about Taylor 24/7 and was now a full-fledged Swiftie. It made my mom and I so happy to hear this, and now we’re all talking about how we can go to one of her shows again soon. I really believe that anyone can be turned into a Swiftie, so I encourage everyone to see her live or at least give her music another chance if they think they’re not a fan. Taylor Swift is my “Endgame”, and she should be everyone else’s too. 

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Dani is 17 and from Los Angeles. She is leaving for college in Boston soon, and loves to listen to music and watch tv and then share her opinions on the media with the world. 

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