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Blood for Blood - Outlaw Anthems

October 25, 2007
By Anonymous

Artist: Blood for Blood

Album: Outlaw Anthems

Title: Ain't Like You

Authors: Rob
Duration: 3:29
Date Released: 2002
Genre: Hard Core Punk

Blood for Blood was an anti-racist band. This to me was an awesome thing. The song I picked out is about mostly war. In the song it was saying on, how people really go in to the war and change. Also they were saying about movie stars saying they think they have life threatening jobs, when you could be out there in who knows where you are, fighting for them, knowing that you might not make it to see the morning or see anything ever again. Those citizens are not even close to that. How dangerous the world could be, right? This song in my own opinion is the best; I like the attitude he has towards the world. He hates the world and he shows it, and is not afraid to admit it in his music. The music is fast and hard. He makes you pumped to be able to do anything, great feeling. The vocals are more like screaming or yelling, but I mean that's what makes it sound better, more enthused about it.
One thing I could tell anyone if you like hard core punk then I would totally go for this music group. If you're a big emotion fan he shows it a lot through his music.

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