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Dave Matthews Band

January 10, 2008
By Bapalapa2 ELITE, Brooklyn, New York
Bapalapa2 ELITE, Brooklyn, New York
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Dave! Dave He's Our Man!
People act like Dave Matthews Band is the greatest thing to hit planet Earth. But my question is why? What is so special about this man and the people in the back ground? I don't know why the band even has the word band at the end. Do you ever here anything about how awesome they are. The only thing I have ever heard about another band member was when I heard a girl say “OMG he is like so totally hot when he plays guitar.” She also claimed that he was staring aimlessly into her eyes…right like everyone else thought that as well. My question mainly is why they are so high and mighty in the music world, when no one ever hears anything about them. All you really hear is “they have a really good light show” who the heck cares about a light show anyway. It's just another excuse for David. You also hear “Dave tickets go one sale in a week!” They then go and try to scrounge for the money because it's a life or death situation. For one ticket it cost about 50 dollars these days because people obviously keep paying the price. But jolly old Dave stays in town for two glorious nights. Oh lord you know what that means… everyone has to buy tickets for both nights. You're not cool if you only have a ticket for one night of the two concerts.
Let me just give you the down low at what goes on at one of those concerts. Everyone goes to party not even really listen to the music. I know of so many people who don't even listen to him or who don't know more than three and a half songs then they freak out with excitement to go see superb Dave. Also people go to camp-sites nearby and pay a ludicrous amount of money to sleep in someone's grass and not do anything accepts for stupid illegal things. Partying is what Dave is mostly about. Kid's that are underage give money to people that are above the legal drinking age and think they can trust them with their money. Well first of all in this day in age you can't trust anyone with you're money. What person is going to put their butt on the line to get some stupid little kid some alcohol when they can just take you're money and walk into the swarm of people? I'm still left asking myself why?
Honestly does he have a beautiful singing voice? I think he sort of sound like a dog right before it's about to throw up. Yes, morbid but next time you hear one of his songs just think about the sound of a dog throwing up and you will be like “yeah that is what he really sounds like.” People like different things and don't like the typical singing voice such as people like Beyonce or Clay Aiken. Everyone likes him because he is “different” oh whatever they like him because they can party at his concerts with out parents around. Kids are still so stupid because they think they are getting away from the adults that will catch them, when there are undercover police everywhere.
I still can not understand why people fall all over this guy and his little posse in the back round. I guess I am not one of those people that just jump on the band wagon to be hip or cool. You know one day I could change my mind and like Dave and his band if they do something so different people start to really not like him. The weird thing is almost all of my friends go to his concerts on both nights and clam to love Dave. The worst thing of all about the Dave Matthews concerts is I'm really lonely on those two concert nights.

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