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Anberlin- New Surrender

October 28, 2008
By MusicalMayhem93 BRONZE, Rockford, Illinois
MusicalMayhem93 BRONZE, Rockford, Illinois
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Anberlin has done it again! The alternative rock band came out with their fourth album,New Surrender, on September 30th, 2008. It's their major label debut with Universal Republic Records. Their departure with Tooth and Nail records is the end of an era for them, but the beginning of an exciting new path also.

When I purchased the record, I knew I'd be in for something awesome, since a couple songs had been up on their Myspace page. Also, Stephen Christian's unique and haunting vocals always turned a song into a masterpiece. I wasn't sure, however, what path the record would take me down. Blueprints For The Black Market (their first album) was a good album, but by no means the best album I'd heard that year. Never Take Friendship Personal (their second album) was definately better than the first and got them on the charts. As the band continued to mature both musically and lyrically, the songwriting blossomed into something special. Their third album, Cities, was welcomed warmly from fans across the globe. Their loyal fanbase also whole-heartedly welcomed Lost Songs, an album of covers and songs that didn't quite make the albums.

And just what did I get with New Surrender? Just what I was hoping for. Stephen Christian's introspective lyrics are complimented by amazing musicianship. Some may not enjoy the content of this new album due to the fact that Cities was more on the darker side, whereas New Surrender evokes multiple emotions while still holding true to Anberlin's sound. As I listened to each song and read the lyrics, I felt the betrayal, pain, fear, and ultimately hope, that each song portrayed differently.

No matter how you interpret the songs, this album is destined to put Anberlin in a new light. It reached number 13 on the Billboard 200 chart, and number 5 on the Top Current Rock chart in it's first week according to Universal Republic Records. Regardless of how they do on the charts, Anberlin is definately my favorite band. From the lyrics, to the musicianship, to the over-all message they send, they're worth checking out!

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