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The Police - Every breath you take: The Classics

December 2, 2008
By Anonymous

A bottle was found on shore yesterday with a message and CD. The CD was The Police's 1995 hit, "Every breath you take: The Classics." As one listens to the album, memorable songs and dramatic beats flow through it. It's hard not to enjoy this album with Rock/Pop hits like "Roxanne," "Every breath you take," and "Message in a bottle." With this CD, The Police are able to bring a new and unique style that will last for ages.

The Police have won over our vote with a powerhouse of unique and original singles. When one first turns on the CD he or she is met by a powerful song called "Roxanne." With "Roxanne," The Police are able to show the listener an original sound never heard before. Next track three comes sent in a bottle from the ocean. This upbeat track "Message in a bottle," will have your body moving and head bopping to the beat. After the bottle is sent back they deliver another great classic "Don't Stand so Close to Me." In this track are memorable lyrics that describe a secret relationship between student and teacher. Although the CD starts out strong, towards the middle tracks become very similar. Some tracks like "Invisible Sun" and "Spirits in the material world" seem to have too unique of a beat. Then you reach "Every Breath you Take." This song has strong lyrics that will pull out all your emotions and win over your heart. Finally the CD ends with remade and repeated tracks "Don't Stand so Close to Me" and "Message in a bottle." The listener is able to get a different feel for both songs. With this the listener can decide which version to listen too for hours and hours.

After listening to this CD we guarantee you'll be singing these songs all day. They will leave a great lasting impression and make you replay their songs over and over again. With this CD, The Police earn a four out of five stars and our respect. They are not down and out and are a band to look forward too in the near future.

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