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   INXS, the band from down under, became an international success in 1985 with their single "What You Need" from the album "Listen Like Thieves." In 1987, they came out with their soon-to-be-quintuplet platinum album "Kick" which included hit singles like "Need You Tonight/Mediate," "Devil Inside" and "New Sensation."

Now, they have released "X," a jazzy eleven song, pop-rock album. INXS' six-member band with a new subdued, softer style, seems not to mix as well musically. Although in their first single "Suicide Blond" (derived its title from an English hair color in the 1940s, which was appropriately named suicide blonde because the women dyed their hair with their own hands - died by their own hands. Get it?), the harmonica, drums, guitar and vocals mix beautifully.

After "Suicide Blonde," the next track is "Disappear," a more soul-oriented tune in which Michael Hutchence's voice raises a few octaves, which seems forced and uncomfortable for him. Michael Hutchence will never be a rock legend.

INXS has catchy upbeat songs and lyrics, but they leave you with no aftertaste. The lyrics seem shallow and lead nowhere. They are all about life's ups and downs, which we have been spoon-fed ten million times by rock and roll mainstream. No doubt, INXS can do the shallow lyrics, with their danceable rock tunes, the best of any pop group. But, INXS' time has come to stop writing pointless lyrics. After over ten years in the music business, you would think they would grow up. n

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