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Two and a Half Men

November 20, 2007
By Anonymous

Many may think of a couple of gay guys if you were to say that a family of two men was raising a child. Right? That’s what’s happening in the hilarious sitcom “Two and a half men”. And no, they aren’t a gay couple. There are three main characters to this hit sitcom, Charlie (the uncle), Allen (the divorced dad), and Jake (Allen’s son). You can see this sitcom every Monday night at 9:00-9:30 pm on Fox 56. ‘Two and a half men” is a standout sitcom for three main reasons; the amazing characters played in the show, the witty writing, and the laugh out loud funny storyline.

“Men, men, men, men, manly men, men, men…” is what the three main characters, Charlie, Allen, and Jake, are singing in their main theme song. All three of the main characters have their own personality. For example; Charlie is a shallow single womanizer. All he does is use his musical talents, and characters, to pick up women because they would recognize him. Like in one episode Charlie goes to the grocery store with Allen, not to get groceries for himself, but to pick up single women (with children) with his music character, “Charlie Waffles”. Allen is a divorced single dad, which is very proper and feminine. But because he is feminine he really doesn’t try to pick up a nice lady to have as a new wife. And last but not least Jake; he is the usual smart mouth teenager, which he gets from his uncle Charlie. He isn’t too bright but he isn’t dumb as a rock, he just doesn’t always get what Charlie and Allen talk about all the time.

Along with the hilarious characters, where do they get the funny lines said throughout the show from? That’s where the witty writing comes in. Each character has their own way of saying things. Like Charlie is very sarcastically rude when talking to people, especially Allen. Allen is very feminized and proper. And Jake is just your normal teenage boy, with his smart mouth remarks. But seriously there are many funny or sarcastic lines throughout the entire show. Like in this one episode where Charlie woke up everyone to see his new “Charlie Waffles” commercial at 5am. Allen asks, “Why at 5am?” and Charlie says, “Because that’s when all the mothers with young children are up.” Now you can’t say that that’s not funny, unless you have no sense of humor.

What good is witty writing without a funny storyline for it to follow? These guys get into more trouble/hilarious situations all the time. But think; this takes place in Malibu, where everything happens. And they always have a way to work it out or do something funny to put into the situation. Like in this one episode Charlie had to do a live concert but he has stage fright so he refused to do it; but when he got drunk he got over his fear and went out there and performed and the kids, and his manager, loved it. There are also situations though that are very serious but then turn funny. Like this one where Allen bought this “classy” ceramic bowl, but because Charlie threw it into the fireplace for his reasons Allen felt unwanted in the house and left with Jake. So Charlie spent the rest, or most of the rest, of the show trying to get them back. Very heart touching. So there is always something going on in the Charlie, Allen, and Jake residence.

This sitcom is different from the others in many ways. But it is a gut busting, standout sitcom for the great characters portrayed in this show, the unbelievable writing, and the storyline that never dulls down. The best thing for this show is for it not to just be renewed but to have more airing times so that more people can enjoy this sitcom as much as others have. Now what do you think of this couple and their kid. Just kidding.

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