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March 17, 2015
By lovelifeandlivelonger GOLD, Newburgh, New York
lovelifeandlivelonger GOLD, Newburgh, New York
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Well I've been on the road with the boys of supwenatrual since the begining. Now the boys are back for Season 10 and they are still saving people hunting things and leaving hell shaking. Dean is srtuggling with the mark of cain which i believe to be a figure that the writers have drawn out and need to stop for a while. Castial is one more thing thats starting to just kill me. Everything that hes doing is not helping nor hurting the Winchesters. Crowley is weaker and is losing his edge. Sam is just plainfully ironic it was cute in the first 3 seasons but now its killer. but over all i still love the boys and all the charecters that have died ,come back, and died again. And i hope that they live on for Season 11.....

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I am a big fan girl but i had to make a change and be a critic so tell me what you guys think should i do more of this or should i stay true ....

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