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Outer Wilds Reveiw

August 16, 2019
By SergeantSteel82 GOLD, Fort Wayne, Indiana
SergeantSteel82 GOLD, Fort Wayne, Indiana
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its a very basic game idea with a very complex plot, and a custom made solar system. imagine the movie Ground-hog Day, mixed with and intersteler exploring game, and mixed with a detective game. you are stuck in a 22 minute time-loop that sends you back to the start, unless you die before that, but dont worry, everything you discover is recorded in a computer on your shuttle. the point of the game is to discover why your stuck in a time loop, and what happened to a technologicaly advanced race that suddenly died out completely. the game takes a while to complete, i have probably 5 hours of total game play, and im only roughly 70% done. ontop of it's plot, the game has extrodianary graphics and the relaxing soundtrack is what keeps me from rage quiting every 44 minutets or so. its a extreamly fun game but its not for every one, even so, i still highly recomend it if you have and Xbox One or a PC. 

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