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Fallout 3

February 17, 2009
By Matthew McDonald BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
Matthew McDonald BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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What would happen if life as you knew it was instantly destroyed due to a seismic blast from several nuclear bombs? Well the game Fallout 3 ventures into that question. The game is set in the year 2277, 200 hundred years after the fall of organized society during the nuclear holocaust. The game follows the life of the main character that must travel the immediate area of Washington D.C. and find his/her father. This game has many interesting features that surely would attract those who view violence as a 'blast'. The fighting in Fallout 3 includes everything from gun powdered weapons to miniature nukes. Fallout 3 also features two very talented actors that are starred in the game. Liam Neeson, most famously known for his roles in Narnia and Batman Begins, is the main character's father while Ron Perlman, known for his role in Hellboy 1&2 is the narrator that introduces the game. In this game the player will meet various characters ranging from mutated humans to renegade humans fighting for survival on the surface. So in conclusion, this may not be a game filled with dancing flowers and pretty ponies, but it is filled with violence and an engaging plot.

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