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Gears of war 2

February 17, 2009
By Adam Pflaum BRONZE, Omaha, Nebraska
Adam Pflaum BRONZE, Omaha, Nebraska
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The xbox 360 is one of the most popular gaming systems today I am going to talk about gears of war 2 here is the story. Locust have found away to make great emergence holes and marcus and his delta squad take on the locust in this very engaging game. since gears of war 2 has been released by epic games they have sold 2 million units this is better version of gears of war. In this game it will allow you to use down enemies as shields and this game allows you to press 'A' to crawl faster. There are also more ways to kill enemies such as punching them to death use the sniper as a sledge hammer or use the torque bow a ax there also new creatures in gears of war 2 like There is a mini version of
brumak called a blood mount. Players can now do chainsaw duels using chainsaw attachment the lancer rifle.

Gears of war 2 has three new multiplayer modes which are: wingman, guardian, submission. Guardian is a modified version of Assassination the team can still keep playing after the leader is but they lose the ability to re spawn.
Wingman splits ten players into five teams of two. Submission is a version of capture the flag were players must will down an enemy controlled by the games AI and move his body back to base.

Limited Edition
he edition features alternate cover art, a Steel Book case with a bonus content DVD, a book entitled "Beneath the Surface: An Inside Look at Gears of War 2" which includes concept art and story-related information, a keepsake photo of Dom and Maria, and an exclusive Xbox Live code to unlock a gold-plated Lancer assault rifle for online play.

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gears of war2 is awesome! I love it when you go into the giant worms stomach and kill it from the inside. the bad thing was that one camin guy dies by thoughs little creture things.