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Time to Pretend

October 9, 2011
By EmmaRose BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
EmmaRose BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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Favorite Quote:
"It's like an ever lasting gobstopper in a way, where you dont wanna just bite down on it but you wanna enjoy it and experience all of it's flavors and colors."
Andrew VanWyngarden on his musical careeer.

Love the song, and love to pretend.

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Milne said...
on Dec. 13 2011 at 3:53 pm
Milne, Yakima, Washington
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Favorite Quote:
it doesn't cost to hate anybody can do that.

freakin hillarious


on Nov. 6 2011 at 9:55 am
SunkistKisser BRONZE, Tempe, Arizona
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Favorite Quote:
"Not one would mind, neither bird not tree
If mankind perished utterly
And Spring herself, when she woke at down,
Would hardly know that we were gone." ~Sara Teasdale
(Yea, I know, it's kind of deep, but I kind of dig it.))

Love the song! MGMT is amazing. Great video, I really liked the effects in the beginning. :)