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To My Lost Beloved

January 20, 2015
By AJellicleCat SILVER, Stuart, Florida
AJellicleCat SILVER, Stuart, Florida
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Love is a " many splendoured thing ". Love is " what we live for ". Love, as many artists believe, is what makes the world go round. In my experience that is unequivocally true. And yet love is something many people struggle to voice. I am no exception. This is my attempt at discovering what makes love so difficult. At times it is lyrical, at others it is sober, but it is always sincere. This emotion which vexes us all in equal parts pain and pleasure has had no shortage of treatment, and it will never lack for expression. Yet my experience is one that has not ever been told, one that is the farthest thing from common.  At the age of 17 I have been in love 5 times.The first was a tale of discovery in the worth of myself, but the last, the primary focus of this book, was the tale of discovery in selflessness.


To My Lost Beloved

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