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Stupid Ideas

January 31, 2022
By Anonymous

Author's note:

I am very dumb

The one time when we threw snowballs at old lady bettys house and she called the cops on us. She called then and they showed up and when they did they started asking what was wrong and she told them everything that we did. We thought we were doomed from the start. But here's where things go up in flames. The cop didn’t believe her and said that we looked like nice kids and said that we would  never do something like that. He flat out told her that we were off Scott free so when he left all she could do was stare at us dead in the soul. She told us if we do it again, she will handle it herself and walked back inside. From that day on I don’t mess with her anymore because I know now that she doesn’t mess around. 

I have done a lot of stupid things in my life but this has to be my favorite one of all time. It was around April last year at like 8 at night and me and my friend set off driving around this neighborhood and we had a four wheeler and my friend was on the back. We were on a mission to find this kid that hated us and talked a lot of stuff. 5 minutes later we find his house. Leave it to me to think of the idea of smashing his mailbox, tear up the yard and egg his house. Lord and behold it all happened right in front of me. I was so happy and so glad that my friend and I muscled up the courage to do it. We felt so proud of ourselves. That didn’t last to long…

I like this one a lot because it’s really bad but it’s also super funny. One day me and my friend were just hanging at his house and we decided to go upstairs and prank his dad. So we set up a bucket on top of the fan filled with fake blood and glitter so it would be harder to clean up. So we waited for him to get home and when he got home we heard the door shut. Exactly five seconds after the door shut we heard him scream at the top of his lungs. So we thought we got him. No, the bucket fell off of the fan and hit him in the head and it didn't tip over. That's not even the worst part. HE WAS WEARING A WHITE SUIT!!! It was so bad to see a big bump on his head along with blood stained all over his white suit. I felt so bad but we accomplished what we had in mind. Sort of. From now on, he never trusts us when we ever carry a bucket anywhere near him. To this day he still has the blood stained suit in his closet to remind him of what we did and laugh about it. I really wish the bucket tipped over. Just imagine the mess it would have made if it all tipped out. 

This is probably one of the goofiest things I have done. So me and my friends are riding four wheelers and we are riding trails late at night. And one of my friends dips to another trail and we didn’t see him go so we were confused. So we all split up and tried to find where he went. Like two minutes later I hear that they found them but they didn’t know where I was now. So I thought of this as a perfect opportunity to think of something stupid to do. I decided to ride a little farther

away and get off my quad, takeoff my hoodie and shoes and put them by my quad so they think I was kidnapped. I ran the mile and a half all the way home to really solve a joke. After about a half an hour I heard them pull up and start banging on the door and I got them by answering the door and they all started laughing and two of them got so mad. I felt like it was my goofiest joke but also my smartest one ever. I still ride the same trail with them on but every time I get a head in they can’t see me they are yo don’t go missing again.

Me and my friends were playing basketball in the driveway and we got bored so we sat down and tried to find things to do in again, I had the best idea ever. We could fill ol’ johns porch with  piles of leaves so he couldn’t walk inside. So we got my friends little brother and got three trash bags and started gathering them and dumping them onto his porch. After about an hour and a half of filling the porch, we finally got it waist high in the whole porch was covered. I mean covered. So we got back next-door to my friends house and started playing basketball while we waited for him. About 25 to 30 minutes later he shows up with him and his wife. When they see the porch it’s like we started World War III. He started cussing up a storm and then she did too. After like two minutes of that they turned so fast towards us and almost dead sprinted towards us and started to catch on that we did it. So they told my friend's parents and they made us clean it up for the next two hours. That was last year and they have moved out now but I think they were glad to get away from us.

This is a good one. So one day me and my friends were walking down the sidewalk to our friends house. We come across this man that is in his mid-50s and we’re like 16 years old. Apparently he heard something we said that wasn’t directed towards him and he took it personal. He got up and got into her face and threaten to call the cops if we didn’t get out of the neighborhood. So I remembered his address. I called my friend and told him to meet me at that address once he got there he asked what we were doing here again. I told him to get payback right? So we took a shovel, signs, sticks , eggs, toilet paper, leaves and also handfuls of peanut butter and I mean we messed up this guys place and I’m a bad. Peanut butter on every window, leaves on the car and holes dug everywhere in the yard and we didn’t get to see his reaction but we know it had to of been good. eventually we went over like two days later and admitted it was us an offer to help clean it . he for gave us and we helped him with the yard he then admitted that he knew it was us and he kind of laughed about it.

The one time me and my cousin were walking through some mud trails and we were just messing around for a little. Until we saw this old rundown house in the deepest part of the woods. It looked like it was almost burned down by a fire. So we decided to check it out. We went in through a broken window and entered into the basement once we were inside. I had the perfect idea. Knocked out the upstairs floor since it was already caved in enough. We took some old hammers and went upstairs to start taking out nails and beams. Once we got most of them out. The floor started to bend a lot. So we went downstairs and hooked up a rope to the ceiling in both pull down on it and literally the whole top of the house caved in and we ran out laughing so hard. That’s not even the scary part though there was an old man that just watched it all happen and didn’t even move. That was probably the scariest thing I’ve ever seen and still gives me chills till this day thinking that that guy could have done so much to us since we were so young but just decided to watch us pull the whole house down and didn’t do anything. 

The time my friend and I were walking in our backyard we decided to play catch for a little. Before practice. So we were throwing and just chilling when I got that idea of I’m going to throw the ball as hard as I can at our neighbors window. I didn’t think that I would hit it so I ate through it as hard as I could and what do you know I hate it. So me and him run inside and dart straight to the basement in act like we were playing PlayStation. Like five minutes goes by and we hear a knock on the door so I answer and my heart hit the floor when I saw two cops at my door asking me where my parents were. I said they were out of town so they had to question me instead. They asked me what I just got done doing and I said we are just playing our game sir. So he asked me a few more and then asked me and my friend to go next-door and ask for her side of the story. So we get over there and I think me and my friend almost passed out when we saw three security cameras on either side of the house. We were done for. So they go and check the cameras and here's where my whole mood shoots through the roof. The cameras were off due to a power outage the day before so it didn’t catch us. So we got off Scott free. From that day on if we ever do something stupid now we check for Cameras.

Me and my friend were playing at a baseball field and we saw these little kids sitting on the other side of the fence in left field. I told my friend that I bet him 20 bucks that I could hit them with a ball. So I started hitting balls left and right for like 10 minutes after like the 50th try I get one to hook two left and it hits one of them in the leg. I felt super bad but at the same time I was excited because I did it and got my 20 bucks. We walk over and made sure that the kid was OK but he decided that he was going to lie and say that we broke his leg. So he ran over to his mom limping and told him that we broke his leg. His mother came over to us screaming and yelling and telling us that she’s going to call the cops. So we had to explain to her what happened and make up a lie and say that it was an accident. She ended up believing us because we were older and that she knew her kid was lying. So I got my 20 bucks and got out of getting the cops called on us. What a day. 

My dumbest prank I’ve ever done is when me and my mom were in the car and I was driving and she was asleep. So we’re behind one of those trucks where it’s holding a truck that is reversed and it’s facing you. So I waited until we were a little closer and I screamed for her to wake up and she screamed so loud but this is where I got scared. In the process of all of this she hit me when she jumped and it caused me to swerve off of the road and into a cornfield. That is probably the most mad I have ever seen my mom ever. She was cursing at me and yelling at me. She didn’t even know what to say because she couldn’t believe that I did that. Eventually we got the car out of the cornfield and there was no damage done to the car except for a little mud on the grill. She told me that if I ever do that again that I’m grounded for a year. To this day I have never done any pranks while driving and I don’t ever plan to again.

One day I was sitting in our backyard wondering what I should do because I was so bored. Then I thought of the bright idea to go around the neighborhood ding dong ditching because that’s the oldest trick in the book. Now my dad likes to join in on my stupid ideas sometimes when he knows that we won’t get in trouble. So me and my dad went around dingdong ditching a couple houses until we came across this one old abandoned looking house. So we thought nobody would answer so I run up and knock on the door and run behind the bushes. We wait about a minute or two and nobody answers but we know somebody is there because there are two cars. So I go up and knock again and when I start to run my dad says duck and when he says this I turn around in there he is right at the door throwing plates at me. I don’t know why he was throwing plates out of all the things he could be throwing. He threw plates at me. So I keep running until I get back to my dad or the guy can’t see me. We then hear gunshots go off and it turns out it was the guy. He went back inside and got a 12 gauge and shot it up in the air to give us a warning shot that he wasn’t messing around. So we decided to call it a night and go back home. Now I’m more careful when I go ding dong ditching and I make sure that either one person is home or there are no security cameras.

So one day me and my friend were riding together in the car and we just got our food. But we thought of a better idea of eating the food, so we were going to throw it at somebody. For some odd reason we decided to throw our food that we just paid for at somebody for no reason. So we started driving through a small neighborhood where a lot of people walk and I told him the fifth person we see will throw the whole bag of food at somebody. So we drive for about 3 to 4 minutes and we finally see the fifth person and it’s a couple kids our age and a dad about mid 50s. As we roll down the window the people look at us and just stare at us but that didn’t stop me and him from throwing our food at them and it splattered all over them. We ended up driving off and getting back to our house and chilling for a bit. About an hour and a half later we end up getting a knock on our door and this is when my heart sinks. It was the same people we threw our food at and they still had all the food all over them and they started yelling at us at the fact that we threw the food at them. We eventually told them that we were sorry and that we would help them clean off and that we would make it up to them somehow. We still know these people to this day and became good friends with them.

This is probably my most boring prank I’ve done. The one time it was just me walking outside just looking down at my phone and I got the bright idea to let somebody’s dog out of the front gate and let them roam around the neighborhood. In my stupid head I didn’t think that the dog would run that far. So I let him out of the front gate and he just stood there looking at me for a minute so I decided to walk away and go a couple blocks down. So as I turn down a street I see the same dog I just let out down the street in front of me. That means he’s been following me for the past 45 minutes and is this far away from home. I started to panic because he didn’t know how to get home because he’s a dog. So I myself tried to go pick him up and guide him home but he started to growl at me every time I would get near him so I had to get him to chase me all the way back to the house and I had to trick him to get inside the Gate and then I had to lock it and jump the fence. That was the most boring prank I’ve done but at the same time it was kind of funny.

This is probably my most dangerous prank. So one day I was bored in my room and my mom, my dad, and my uncle were all sitting outside just chilling on the front porch. So I get thinking of a funny joke I can play on them to make them laugh. So I remember that we have an open crawl space under the house that’s very easy to get into and is a very big space. So I go around back without them seeing me and I crawl into the crawlspace and shut the little hatch behind me. I sit down there for a little bit and then I hear the front door shut and then they yell my name and I don’t answer. Once they figure out I’m not in the house they kind of get a little scared and start searching the whole perimeter of the house for me. I thought this joke was going great until one thing happened. Remember the hatch door that shut behind me? Yeah that locked behind me and left me with no way out. So once they couldn’t find where I was and they couldn’t hear me yelling they called the cops and they eventually showed up looking for me. The cops eventually opened up the hatch and saw that I was hiding right under the house and I had to explain to him what I did and it was very embarrassing. 

The most classical prank I have ever pulled was on my friend Troy, my closest friend. So one day I am heading to his house and me and my dad decide to play a little joke on him and as we pull in to his house we both get out of the car and go around the back of the house so that when they come outside and look at the truck they will see that we were not in it. So we get out, go to the back of the house and wait until we hear the front door open and shut and they go out to the truck and they see that we’re not in it they go back inside and then my friend Troy calls my phone. But I forgot to put my phone on silent so my phone went off and apparently they heard it through the walls of the house. So they instantly came to the back of the house and swung the door open and they found us sitting at the back of the house. They got a huge kick out of it because we thought they were going to fall for it but they didn’t fall for it one bit. It was sort of embarrassing because it wasn’t really a prank but at the same time we knew we got them a little bit. It was cool but at the same time kind of stupid.

So one day me and my friend are heading up to a snowboarding trip. Once we get there we strap on our snowboards and we start going down the mountain. Well I thought of the brightest idea of skiing down a different trail and hiding from my friend and making him worry a bit that he lost me. Once I get a distance away from him where he can’t see me I dip down a different trail and a slide down a little hill and dock behind a tree and takeoff my snowboard and plant myself in the snow. After a couple minutes I could tell that he knew something was wrong and that I was gone. So he decided to call the mountain security and they started searching for me. Once they found me they took me backup to the top of the mountain and I was “ investigated” because that is a dangerous act but I tried to play it off and tell them that I fell into the snow and got the wind knocked out of me. But they weren’t budging so I got kicked off of the mountain and my friend got to stay for the other two hours that they paid for. I was sort of mad but at the same time my prank worked in a way but not in my favor. That is probably the last time I will ever joke around on a mountain again because I wasted two hours of my time that I paid for. Never doing pranks on a mountain again.

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