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January 31, 2022
By Its_teha, Evansville, Indiana
Its_teha, Evansville, Indiana
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"Acts of goodness are not always wise, and acts of evil are not always foolish, but regardless, we shall always strive to be good". -martyr logarius, bloodborne


Mark is a boy whos lost everyhting. he runs his family bar where survivors of this cruels world can meet have a drink and find a team to journey out with. hes always wanted to go outside but never has. on the day he lost his father a strange mercenary and his dog recruit him for a mission to make a strange woman in a bunker whos reforming the machines that wiped out humanity; but she needs a few more thing. the woman send the three of them off with a robot to protect them. soon they reach a massive forest where the entire appocalypse started. but not all is as it seems

Nate P.


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