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Embrace the Suck : High School AP life

November 28, 2013
By twizz98 GOLD, Minden, Nevada
twizz98 GOLD, Minden, Nevada
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Advanced placement classes are the hell of high school. Teachers call it “the suck” because they shove you into a deep pool of quick sand, pull you out, dry you off, and then quickly shove you back into the suck. All advanced placement classes are hard, some more difficult than others. As a sophomore, it is your first real AP class and you are nervous. You come and sit and the teachers will tell you how to fail. This is just to scare off the kids in the room who don’t want to put in the effort. So, continuously throughout the year you will have long outlines, lecture notes, and essays on demand. You will think you are going to die then; yet you have no idea what is ahead. Once you finally master the art of bubbling in the right way, the teacher will tell you it is a week away from the AP test. Throughout the year you have learned the following: textbooks have no editors, essays can happen at anytime, and if you expect to fail, you will never be disappointed with your grade. Now, it is the day of the AP test and you are scared. You have drank enough water so your urine is clear, (so you are not dehydrated during the test), you have one pencil that you pray has enough lead, and you are tired because it is early in the morning. The administration will alphabetize you so you are sitting next to the smarty who knows everything; expanding your nerves to your whole body. Who ever is in charge will hand out a sealed packed in while the Holy Grail lies. They will tell you go. Now, knowing your luck you will not be able to see the clock, so just go as fast as possible. Once you scrabble finishing the multiple choice, they will hand you the essays. Now, one of the prompts you will know nothing about, and the other you will have a great amount of information. The art of bullshit comes in handy so you guess your way through the first one and will get a 4. Now, you have exactly 40 minutes to save your butt. You will write everything you know about that topic, due to that fact that the graders will only score you on what you did correctly. They want to give you points. Finally, you will leave your testing area, and remember all the right answers. You will have mini anxiety attacks until July 4 or when ever the score are released. You will see that you passed or fail due to the amount of preparation. If you pass, you will feel like a know it all and will start correcting your parents and regular teachers. Therefore, AP classes not only make you smarter, but can help you out smart authority. SO, keep calm, and embrace the suck.

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