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Califonia State University: Sonoma

January 19, 2010
By qwertyqwerty123 PLATINUM, Concord, California
qwertyqwerty123 PLATINUM, Concord, California
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Last summer, I spent a week at Sonoma State University. I am just an 8th grader, so I was there for a science and math camp. Sonoma State has a beautiful campus. There are so many trees and bushes, and there’s grass – not just sidewalk everywhere. It’s a fairly large campus, too. I was definitely surprised at the size, and I wasn’t even allowed to explore it all.

There were so many buildings, and there were a lot of classrooms in each one. The classrooms were not huge, but not cramped either. I thought it was a good size because when classrooms are big, it’s harder to get the teacher’s attention because of all the other students.

The cafeteria: it was like a restaurant really. I had to give them my meal card, which they would scan, and then I could go on to the buffet table. We could take as much as we wanted, and they had food according to nights; Tuesday was Mexican, Thursday was Chinese, etc. After we got our food, we got to go pick a table to sit at with our friends.

There are 4 different types of dorms at Sonoma State, depending on what type of living you are interested in (double occupancy, shared single, etc.). It has 7,709 total undergraduates. Sonoma State is “California's premier public undergraduate institution” according to

When I start looking at colleges to go to, the SSU is definitely on my list! But one more thing – despites its name, Sonoma State University is not in Sonoma, CA. It’s in Rohnert Park, CA. Don’t get lost!

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Does it have a course to take to earn a music degree?