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Ohio Northern University at a Glance

March 28, 2010
By Anonymous

Situated in the rural cornfields of northwest Ohio is a small private university that thrives on academic excellence and community spirit. This is Ohio Northern University, a school founded in 1871 with a total student body of over 3,700 people. An outstanding selection of nationally recognized programs, a welcoming atmosphere, and a quaint campus help Ohio Northern to gain appeal from many prospective students as a solid investment in the future.

Students who find themselves drawn to the environment of a small town will be at home in Ada, Ohio, the town about which Ohio Northern is centered. Any student who has been at Ohio Northern for a given length of time can easily talk about the local nightlife and the best places for a quick meal. Because of the proximity to Ada, many students eventually become actively engaged in the community through either fraternity or sorority involvement. At first glance, there may not appear to be much to do at Ohio Northern, but this is not the case for those who know where to look.

Overall, the student body at Ohio Northern is very warm and accepting of newcomers. While the people may not be very diverse – the majority of students are Caucasian – there are still many opportunities to associate with all types of people from different backgrounds. In fact, Ohio Northern appears to be a good fit for those who are unaccustomed to a new and strange environment for the first time. As far as Ohio Northern is concerned, the saying that “everybody knows everybody” may not be too far from the truth.

The most important draw to attend Ohio Northern is its variety of highly ranked programs, especially pharmacy. Other colleges within the university worth noting are engineering, business, and arts and sciences. While Ohio Northern may be primarily known for pharmacy, even a pre-med student would be able to find a niche. It is true that the campus boasts an acceptance rate of over 95% for pre-med students getting into medical school, and there are actually five or six cadavers located on campus to be used as teaching tools. These factors show just how strong Ohio Northern is in disciplines that are not even at the core of the university’s renown.

Although the tuition at Ohio Northern is expensive at $41,000 a year, this can often be offset by the amount of scholarship money typically awarded by the university to qualified students. With all of its opportunities and possibilities, it is clear to see why Ohio Northern is ranked highly among the top private universities of the Midwest.

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